At Village Insurance, we want our customers to understand the kind of coverage they need. We provide these customer education resources so that you can get the information you need to make informed decisions about your insurance needs. Please feel free to talk to a Village Insurance representative with any questions that you may have about your coverage.


Auto Insurance Myths

It will likely come as no surprise that the public holds many misconceptions about insurance. You’ve probably even heard some of the myths. Did you know that 54% of drivers surveyed mistakenly believe auto insurance rates are not regulated and that carriers can charge whatever they want. » Read more.


Personal Auto Liability Coverage

Nearly everyone is familiar with the term “liability coverage,” but what exactly does it mean, and how much coverage do you really need? There are two types of auto liability coverage: bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Find out what options are right for you. » Read more.


Home Inventory

How many of you have received expensive gifts this year? Now is a good time for you to conduct a home inventory. To help you develop your inventory, the Insurance Information Institute is offering free home inventory software. Find out how to best protect your home and valuables. » Read more.


Cover Your High Value Items

Make sure to properly insure your “valued personal gifts” on your Homeowner’s policy. Some of them may require special attention. Some small amount of coverage is given on a Homeowner’s policy, but it is probably not adequate coverage. Find out how to protect yourself. » Read more.


Do You Need Car Rental Insurance?

Does it make sense to purchase additional insurance when you rent a car? It might be tempting to buy whatever insurance protection is available from the rental company to safeguard your trip. But many travelers don’t realize they’re already covered. » Read more.


Could You Be Sued?

Think you have it all covered? You might be sued if you own a home, own a car, want to protect your earnings, or want to protect your assets against a lawsuit or judgment. Find out what type of personal umbrella policy will cover your needs. » Read more about a personal umbrella policy.